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Name: Thor

The Warrior is one of the Classes available in Gauntlet.

Description[edit | edit source]

Armed with his giant AXE, the Warrior leaves a trail of blood and bones in his wake as he marauds through the Gauntlet. Thor relies on melee attacks and his brute strength to tear through his foes. For beasts that are particularly fast, he can jump towards them and cleave them in half and if surrounded on all sides he can utilize a spinning attack that turns him into a whirling tornado of death.

Default Loadout[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Cost Description
Thor's Circlet.jpg Thor's Circlet NA 'Vanity can get you killed'. That is what Thor said to the dark prince who wore this circlet before him.
Thor's Belt.jpg Thor's Belt NA A skull decorates the front. It sort of looks like a human skull. Sort of. It could also be from a chimp.
Thor's Boots.jpg Thor's Boots NA Thor's trusted arena boots. They look comfy. And heavy. Like really heavy slippers.
Thor's Axe.jpg Thor's Axe NA Well worn, but well cared for, the head has a matt shine to it. Somebody loves this axe.

Normal Loadout[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Cost Description
Bucket of the Dragon Rider.jpg Bucket of the Dragon Rider 12000 When the armies of Rendar marched on the dark city of Pren, they were convinced that their enemy was hiding something. After close investigation their search proved fruitless and all they got was this helmet.
Murder.jpg Murder 16000 This crude weapon was supposedly fashioned out of someone's worst enemy in a slightly psychopathic attempt to instill fear in others.

Hard Loadout[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Cost Description
Korathan Warlord's Helmet.jpg Korathan Warlord's Helmet 24000 An impressive tusked helmet. It sports an opening for the mouth for shouting out battle orders.
Reaper's Tunic.jpg Reaper's Tunic 6000 This garment possesses an air of timelessness. Several fighters have drawn their last breath wearing this, but imbued with its power, they have also taken down armies. It simply reeks of death.
Reaper's Soles.jpg Reaper's Soles 6000 These do excellent for kicks below the belt.
Herald of the War God.jpg Herald of the War God 32000 According to legend, this massive battle axe was forged in dragonfire. Thirteen smiths died in the process, and no one can really tell if the ritual actually had any effect. It looks really cool though.

Unfair Loadout[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Cost Description
Kron's Skull.jpg Kron's Skull 48000 Kron was an ugly beast. His skull is not much better, but it scares the wits out of most people. The rest will not live to tell the tale.
The Champion's Mantle.jpg The Champion's Mantle 12000 Some animals were harmed in the making of this mantle.
Champion's Shinguards.jpg Champion's Shinguards 12000 A champion stands firmly on the ground. Much thanks to these heavy leg accessories.
Deathpunch.jpg Deathpunch 64000 A morbid weapon of an unknown origin. There is an inscription on the handle, barely readable: For Emilia, my northern star.

Promotional Loadout[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Cost Description
Mask of the Wyrm Slayer.jpg Mask of the Wyrm Slayer NA Once you have gone through the ordeal of slaying a Wyrm, you would also think it made perfect sense to fashion a mask out of its head.
Reaper's Glory.jpg Reaper's Glory NA This helm is rumored to have been worn by Death himself in an ancient time, long before the genesis of mankind. All mortals who wear it soon meet their death in the most horrible of ways.
Reaper's Visage.jpg Reaper's Visage NA Generally, looking scary is bad for business. Unless you are in the business of bringing death to a lot of people.
The Champion's Casque.jpg The Champion's Casque NA The Champion's Crown was given to one of the greatest gladiator's of old. It is completely worthless in combat, however, it does make the wearer look quite impressive.
The Champion's Crown.jpg The Champion's Crown NA When you're the best, you want everyone to know, and what better way to achieve that than to wear this cool helmet.
Trophy of the Wyrm Slayer.jpg Trophy of the Wyrm Slayer NA There is more fighting to brute force. There is also collecting trophies to show off your prowess.
Azkog.jpg Azkog, the Demon Slayer NA Originally belonging to a powerful demon, Azkog was stolen and used to take down its former master. Legend says the demon merged with the weapon upon its moment of destruction, so Demon 'Slayer' might not be technically correct.
Juggernaut of Hakura.jpg Juggernaut of Hakura NA Hakura, a nomad warrior of the southern wastelands, would prime her weapon with the blood of her foes after slaying them. Her name is one that instills fear among the people in the region.
Mordok's Screaming Hammer.jpg Mordok's Screaming Hammer NA It is said that the howls of every soul to die by this hammer is consumed and kept within its construct. When swung, the eerie sound carries far, waking nightmares in even the mightiest of champions.
Giant's Bane.jpg Giant's Bane NA Made from a giants hipbone, swinging this weapon is a delight, and presumably an affront to all giants.

Unused Content[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Cost Description
Wyrm Slayer's Resolve.jpg Wyrm Slayer's Resolve NA When fighting dragons and the likes, you must make sure to protect your wrists and lower abdomen.
Boots of the Wyrm Slayer.jpg Boots of the Wyrm Slayer NA History has lost count on how many people have claimed to be the original Wyrm Slayer. However, these are the original boots. Promise.
  • Note: the Wyrm Slayer set was not used in the game, but the Mask and Trophy were offered as promotional items.

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