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Name: Thyra

The Valkyrie is one of the Classes available in Gauntlet.

Description[edit | edit source]

Thyra can be spotted tearing up the battlefield in her brilliant plate armor. She wields a LANCE and SHIELD to mete out justice to all those she deems unworthy. The Valkyrie has several attacks with her lethal armaments including a pulverizing frontal charge and using her shield throw to slice through multiple enemies. When Thyra’s shield is up, she can deflect direct assaults and counter with a forceful shove.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Cost Description
Thyra's Wargear.jpg Thyra's Wargear NA The iconic Valkyrie armaments, the Blade, the Shield, and the Spear. This equipment has seen years of use but are still kept in excellent condition.
Freedom Protector.jpg Freedom Protector 16,000 These masterfully crafted shields are wielded by the elite troops of the Marconian Freedom Guard, often seen protecting their vision of freedom in countries other than their own.
Final Justice.jpg Final Justice 30,000 The arms of Final Justice are all designed to cut and pierce, leaving no foe standing.
Wrath of the Heavens.jpg Wrath of the Heavens 41,000 In an effort to demonstrate the might of Marconia, these armaments were made to be intimidating rather than efficient.

Talismans[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Cost Description Use
Thyra's Vow.png Thyra's Vow N/A Thyra's locket, reminding her of her true purpose. The inscription on the inside says "Laurel".
Righteous Retribution
Righteous Retribution.png
An immensely powerful slash to bring justice to the wicked
Guardian Symbol.png Guardian Symbol Gold Icon.png 75,000 An ancient symbol, representing the protective powers of the divine shield.
Divine Aegis
Divine Aegis.png
Makes all Allies invulnerable to most damage.
Mark of the Commander.png Mark of the Commander Gold Icon.png 100,000 Valhallan Commander's Mark, once granted to the leaders of the Valkyrian troops.
Summon Valkyries
Summon Valkyries.png
Summons 3 Valkyries to fight for you.

Appearance: Head[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Cost Description
Thyra's Helmet.jpg Thyra's Helmet NA A winged Valkyrie helmet. A rare sight these days.
Circlet of the Avenger.jpg Circlet of the Avenger 50,000 There is a tale, popular among youths about The Avenger, a ruthless warrior who brings justice to all evildoers.
Judgement Full Helm.jpg Judgement Full Helm 50,000 This heavy helm bears the evidence of Thyra's near-mortal wound.
Dragonslayer Casque.jpg Dragonslayer Casque 50,000 When taking on the fiercest of adversaries, wear the heaviest of armor.

Appearance: Body[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Cost Description
Thyra's Chestguard.jpg Thyra's Chestguard NA The armor once worn by the royal Valkyrie guard.
Armor of the Avenger.jpg Armor of the Avenger 80,000 The Avenger never rests, always on the hunt for some dirty deed, real or imagined, to avenge.
Judgement Warplate.jpg Judgement Warplate 80,000 When marching to war, the Valkyries of Marconia wore the heaviest of plate armors, designed to strike fear in the opposing armies.

Removed Equipment[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Cost Description
Thyra's Greaves.jpg Thyra's Greaves NA The Valkyries fought with heavy armor, wielding a variety of weapons.
Leg Guards of the Avenger.jpg Leg Guards of the Avenger 6,000 The Avenger is swift and merciless, rather seeing 100 innocents suffer than seeing a single evil doer go unpunished.
Judgement Sabatons.jpg Judgement Sabatons 12,000 When marching to war, the Valkyries of Marconia wore the heaviest of plate armors, designed to strike fear in the opposing armies.

Gallery[edit | edit source]