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Icon Name Cost Description Use
Thor's Crummy Necklace.png Thor's Crummy Necklace N/A Thor has made a hobby out of creating things with his bare hands. When they're not busy killing things that is.
Throw the potion like a grenade. What else would you do with it?
Bottomless Jug.png Bottomless Jug Gold Icon.png 75,000 This was awarded to Thor as second price in a Turkey-eating competition. That stupid Harkan won again, but only because he cheated!
Manifest Hunger
Manifest Hunger.png
Turns enemies into living food
The Prize.png The Prize Gold Icon.png 100,000 This is the proof that Thor is the best. At least when it comes to winning arena-related competitions.
More of Thor
More of Thor.png
Grow bigger, increasing damage and becoming invulnerable. More Thor for everyone!