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To-Do List[edit source]

Pages[edit source]

  • Write articles for stub pages.
  • Fix orphaned pages and red links.
  • Write articles for each Mastery, Relic, Weapon and Talisman.
    • Some of them have pages, but they're quite bare.
    • Make list templates for each of these pages as well (i.e. at the bottom of each weapon's page, add a list of all the weapons, as like enemies and heroes currently are)
  • Add links to the Relics page.
  • Make a Slayer Edition page.
  • Explain why charming Cultist Sorcerers outside of rooms is dangerous (i.e. it causes them to cast hexes when they are no longer charmed, even though they are locked outside of the room).
  • Make the Gauntlet page be about the magical labyrinth known as "The Gauntlet", as opposed to the video game developed by Arrowhead Game Studios.
  • Redo Necromancer page (looks very outdated—probably pre-Slayer Edition)
    • The other hero pages would probably benefit from a remake as well.
      • Get more uniform portraits
      • Include character voice actors in the infoboxes
        • Morak - Kola Krauze (his infobox contains this data, but we need to modify the infobox to display it)
  • Maybe write something about the Leaderboards and the fact that they're wildly broken, etc.
  • Add Siopilos' demonstration to the knockback page as a glitch.
  • Delete pages: (make sure nothing links to them first)

Images[edit source]

Guidelines[edit source]

  • Where an image of a hero is required, disable in-game player names.
  • Keep in mind that the location of the subject matter relative to the center of the screen makes a difference. For example, if a Summoning Stone is the subject matter you wish to screencap, it will appear as being tilted if it is predominantly to one side of the screen. Center is ideal.
  • Keep the area around the subject matter clean (e.g. if you are trying to focus on a Summoning Stone, do not use an image where there are enemies directly around it—clean the area first).
  • Do not take images in areas of darkness unless necessary.
  • No enemy health meters should be seen unless they are relevant to the subject matter.

Required Images[edit source]

  • Hero being poisoned (Spider Spawn)
    • Hero should be alone (no Spider Spawn in the image—let it bite you then move away/kill it/etc.)
  • Wizard channeling ice beam while invisible (see glitches). ‡
  • Demon Horror being attacked from beyond its sight range. ‡
  • Breakable wall (Caves).
  • Wizard Static Barrier on a Cultist Zealot's dead body (Wizard inside)
  • High resolution talisman images for all Talismans except Necromancer's. ‡
  • Spawners (summoning stones, bone piles, spider sacs, etc) ‡
  • Purple Ghost (aka "Shades") ‡
  • Portals (locked and unlocked)

Low Priority:

  • Each of the 18 Colosseum arenas. Each screenshot should be taken at the very beginning, before moving the character at all. Ideally, after "Wave 1" disappears (important), but before any enemies spawn (not as important), and done in single-player mode if the player would be starting in the center of the screen (not as important).
  • Special Spawner types (Colosseum)

Siopilos already handed me these images; I just haven't uploaded them yet.Lein50 (talk) 18:22, 23 May 2019 (UTC)

Difficulty Modifiers[edit source]

- Enemies: 200% taken
- Players: No modifiers
- Gold piles (1-4 players): 60%, 80%, 100%, 120%

- Enemies: No modifiers
- Players: No modifiers
- Gold piles (1-4 players): 100%, 120%, 140%, 160%

- Enemies: 70% taken
- Players: 150% taken
- Gold piles (1-4 players): 140%, 160%, 180%, 200%

- Hard mode + golden food

- Charmed enemies simply adopt player modifiers instead of enemy modifiers
- Traps use enemy modifiers (however, only "attack" is relevant since they have no HP)

Values[edit source]

These are in-game values that have been found but yet to be placed on their appropriate pages. Values are based on Normal difficulty and single-player unless otherwise specified.

Hazards (Damage Values)[edit source]

Spike Trap: 24
Explosive Barrel: 32
Spinning Blade Trap: 32

Enemies[edit source]

Crypts of the Sun King[edit source]

Risen Mummy
HP: 15
Damage: 8

Monstrous Mummy
HP: 100
Damage: 24

Corrupted Mummy
HP: 48
Damage: 16

Spawner (Risen Mummy and Monstrous Mummy)
HP: 172

Spawner (Risen Mummy, Monstrous Mummy, and Corrupted Mummy)
HP: 200

Bloated Mummy
HP: 1
Damage (Melee): 8
Damage (Explosion): 32

Skeleton Soldier
HP: 15
Damage: 12

Skeleton Defender
HP: 60
Damage: 16

Skeleton Commander
HP: 48
Damage: 16

Spawner (Skeleton Soldier, Skeleton Defender)
HP: 172

Spawner (Skeleton Soldier, Skeleton Defender, Skeleton Commander)
HP: 200

HP: 1
Damage: 8

Bone Pile
HP: 50

HP: 192
Damage (Beam): 20
Damage (AoE): 12

HP: 300
Damage (Beam): 24
Damage (AoE): 32

Khamun The Mummy King
HP: 640
Damage (Falling rocks): 10
Damage (Stepped on): 16
Damage (Stomp): 128
Damage (Fist Smash): 128

Caverns of Mag'Ash[edit source]

Savage Orc
HP: 24
Damage: 12

Orc Juggernaut
HP: 180
Damage (Club swing): 24
Damage (Club smash): 45
Damage (Punch): 10

Grunt Scavenger:
HP: 15
Damage: 8

Grunt Scavenger (Empowered)
HP: 15
Damage: 12

Grunt Shaman
HP: 48
Damage (Full orb): 10
Damage (Split orb): 8

Spider Spawn
HP: 1
Damage: 5 (Bite does 1, then 2 ticks of poison for 2 each)

Spider Warrior
HP: 200
Damage: 24

Lake Dweller
HP: 15
Damage: 8

Spider Queen
HP: 400
Damage (Jump): 32
Damage (Charge): 16

Egg Sack
HP: 48

The Beast of Orox
HP: 1280
Damage (Jump): 128
Damage (Charge): 16
Damage (Pounce): 24

Burning Temple of Dur[edit source]

Cultist Novice
HP: 15
Damage: 12

Cultist Zealot
HP: 24
Damage (Melee): 16
Damage (Death orb): 8

Cultist Sorcerer
HP: 48
Damage (Fireballs): 16
Damage (Lock on): 32

Demon Fiend
HP: 24
Damage: 16

Demon Imp
HP: 80
Damage: 16

Demon Horror
HP: 384
Damage (Cone attack): 10
Damage (Fireball): 24
Damage (Spinning Orbs): 24
Damage (Death Explosion): 20

HP: 800
Damage (Ground explosions): 16
Damage (Let's see how you like this!): 24

Sword of Tyrfing
Damage (Stabs): 32
Damage (Ground slash trail): 15
Damage (Fire wave): 24

Other[edit source]

Gargoyle (Demonic Effigy relic)
HP: 100