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Sword of Tyrfing

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Sword of Tyrfing
Sword of Tyrfing.png
Burning Temple of Dur
Attack Damage Effect
Stab 32 N/A
Slash Trail 15 N/A
Fire Wave 24 N/A
Values modified based on difficulty

The Sword of Tyrfing is one of the key driving forces behind the story of Gauntlet. In ages past, the wizard Morak summoned the Gauntlet with dreams of obtaining the sword and attaining god-like powers. But through an unseen side effect of the spell he became its warden instead and was trapped within. Only by joining the 3 shards of the sword will his curse be lifted. However, since Morak cannot directly intervene in any activity within the Gauntlet he cannot gather the shards himself. Even after hundreds of years no adventurer has ever survived the trials of the Gauntlet, all of them dying before or inside The Lair, and only one adventuring party ever even making it to Burning Temple of Dur.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Tyrfing shares its name with the sword Tyrfing, a cursed blade in Norse mythology.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Realm Name
Crypts of the Sun King
Caverns of Mag'Ash
Burning Temple of Dur
The Gauntlet