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Relics are upgradable tools in Gauntlet that allow a hero to perform various beneficial and/or tactical actions in battle. Upon purchase a relic starts at its first rank with a single ability but can be upgraded two more times, each upgrade adding or expanding abilities for subsequently higher costs in gold. There are ten relics available for purchase, however, a hero can only equip one at the same time. Also, relics unlocked for one hero do not automatically unlock for another.

Before the update relics used to be fueled by potion. Now they are just standalone use items with a cooldown. Some have also been changed and all have had their cost increased.

List of Relics[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Cost Description Rank I Rank II Rank III
Boots of Ranadam.jpg Boots of Ranadam 8,500
Fine Footwear of unknown origin, imbued with the power to bend time. Useful in a combat situation, sure, but also useful in most other situations as well. Increases Move Speed and Attack Speed Slows Nearby Enemies Cooldown Reduction
Tempest Locket.jpg Tempest Locket 9,000
These magical lockets were favoured by the Storm Druids of Lach'lan, who would summon a whirlwind that would throw the enemy ranks into disarray. Summons a Whirlwind that knocks monsters to the ground Big Whirlwind Increased Whirlwind Duration + Cooldown Reduction
Golden Feather.jpg Golden Feather 9,500

14,250 21,250

The origins of this artifact has long been debated by scholars and what creature it originally was taken from remains a mystery. Possessing the power to transmute sustenance into gold, this feather has become a symbol of avarice. Turns Food and Potions within radius into Gold. Cooldown Reduction Cooldown Reduction
Firetrail Boots.jpg Firetrail Boots 15,000
These boots look brand new and come with a written note: Warning: Failure to follow safety instructions might result in severe burns and death. (The safety instructions seem to be missing) Gives a short burst of Speed and leaves a Trail of Fire in your wake Speed Burst Duration Increase Cooldown Reduction
Freeze Ring.jpg Freeze Ring 16,000
In centuries past, wielded by the sorcerers of Helheim, several of these prized artifacts would later find their way to frequent use by the high-tier law enforcement troops of Stivengrad, due to the rings' ability to make suspects literally freeze in place. Unleashes a burst of ice that freezes enemies in place Enemies are Slowed after breaking out of the freeze Cooldown Reduction
Demonic Effigy.jpg Demonic Effigy 17,000
There is an ancient evil, the astral corpse of which is resting in the aether. This dead god is worshipped by a cult whose ultimate purpose is to resurrect their supreme deity. Summons a Demon Gargoyle to fight for you Gargoyle Attack Speed Increase Cooldown Reduction
Chaos Amulet.jpg Chaos Amulet 23,000
Drawing on the chaotic energies of the Aether, this amulet creates an unstable connection with another being nearby, resulting in a destructive dimensional jump to its location. Many artifacts such as this one can be found within the shadowy covens of the Night Witches. Marks a random enemy and after a delay, teleports you to its location dealing damage as you arrive Invulnerable Until Teleport Cooldown Reduction
Ghost Orb.jpg Ghost Orb 24,000
This orb is cool to the touch. It seems to tug at the spirit from the other side. Turns you and any allies close to you invisible Invisibility Duration Increase Cooldown Reduction
Sirens Lute.jpg Siren's Lute 25,000
It is said that the sirens are sinister creatures that emerge from the darkest depths of the oceans using enchanted music to lure people to their doom. A single chord played on this instrument is enough to turn enemies into willing allies. Charm Monsters to fight for you Charm Duration Increase Cooldown Reduction
Ring of Mirrors.jpg Ring of Mirrors 36,000
Once in the possession of Yng the bard, who used it in his "one-man-band" performances, it was lost to legend after the bard's mysterious disappearance while travelling through the Myrian forests. Summon illusions to fight for you Summon 3 Illusions Cooldown Reduction

List of Unused Relics[edit | edit source]

Windwalker Treads.jpg Windwalker Treads 3000 Makes the wearer ethereal on use. The effect is lost upon attacking. Greatly increases move-and-attack speed on use Replenishes a small amount health on use
Heart of Vlad.jpg Heart of Vlad 10000 Creates a life-draining aura around the user. Increased radius Reduce damage taken by 50% while relic is active.
The Eye of Dur.jpg The Eye of Dur 10000 Summons a demonic imp to fight for you. Increased Imp attack speed Imp fireballs explode on impact.
  • These relics were planned for the game but were either cut or had their abilities merged into existing relics.

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