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Morak and Tyrfing.png
Burning Temple of Dur
Attack Damage Effect
Eruption 16 N/A
Blast 24 N/A
Values modified based on difficulty

Morak is the warden of the Gauntlet and boss of Burning Temple of Dur. He is first encountered in the first level, where he speaks of the dangers of the gauntlet and the prize he will bestow the players if they succeed. After this encounter he will continue to make audible remarks throughout the game.

Morak before the Gauntlet

To be added.


Phase 1

The fight begins with Morak combining the shards of Tyrfing and reforging the sword. During the Light phase he is comepletely invulnerable. He will fly around the room, randomly opening 3 portals which summon forth monsters from the The Crypts of the Sun King. He will also start summoning tiny AOE explosions which cover a lot of the rooms floor.

After surviving roughly 2 waves Morak will transition into the Dark phase and become vulnerable. He will spawn multiple copies of himself and the sword of Tyrfing will act on its own, trying to swat the player. The Morak copies will run away and are destroyed in one hit. The real Morak must be found in order to do damage. When a certain amount of time or a certain amount of damage has been done Morak will transition back into the Light phase.

  • Note: the sword itself is counted as an attackable entity and player spawned creatures will attack it eventhough it is invincible.

Phase 2

Phase 2 begins roughly around the time Morak has 70% HP left. The monsters he summons will now be from The Caverns of Mag'Ash and he will do a big AOE explosion centered around him which deals a lot of damage. The range in indicated by a ring which increases in diameter until the explosion triggers. It is important to note that the hitbox of the explosion extends somewhat beyond the ring.

Phase 3

Phase 3 begins roughly around the time Morak has 50% HP left. The monsters he summons will now be from Burning Temple of Dur. The AOE explosion is now slightly bigger and does more damage/


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