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The Loadout is where you manage the unlockable clothes and equipment available in Gauntlet. Each hero has their own distinct loadout they can manage by talking to the Merchant in the game's hub. Items in the loadout are purely for cosmetic value and do not impact game play in any way, including the weapons. Some loadout items are promotional and cannot be obtained through the conventional method that regular items are. To see loadouts for each class, click the links below.

With the rework the merchant was removed and shopping was made possible in the character selection screen. This was also made the place to change loadouts. During the rework a lot of functionality was added to the loadouts. Each weapon has gotten its own unique ability and talismans were added to the game. These talismans have taken over the use for potion from relics, and can be unlocked through buying like other loadout pieces. Capes are also equiped in the character selection screen.