Lake Dweller

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Lake Dweller
Lake Dweller.png
Caverns of Mag'Ash
Attack Damage Effect
Strike 8 N/A
Values modified based on difficulty

Lake Dwellers are minions of The Beast of Orox. While unique in appearance, they only possess the same generic melee abilities as other low-level enemies. They are exclusive to The Beast's Lair and make no appearance anywhere else in the game.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Lake Dwellers are the only enemies in the game to not be given an official name. Their name is assumed from the game's code as memory addresses that are changed for lake_dweller crash the game when The Beast of Orox attempts to summon its minions.[1]
Realm Name
Crypts of the Sun King
Caverns of Mag'Ash
Burning Temple of Dur
The Gauntlet