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Juggernaut of Hakura

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Juggernaut of Hakura
Juggernaut of Hakura.jpg
Class: Warrior
Cost: NA
Description: Hakura, a nomad warrior of the southern wastelands, would prime her weapon with the blood of her foes after slaying them. Her name is one that instills fear among the people in the region.

Juggernaut of Hakura is one of the Loadouts available in Gauntlet.

  • This item was a pre-order bonus for players who bought the game at Gamestop before September 23rd, 2014.
  • This item was mistakenly given out to attendees of PAX 2014 instead of the Trophy of the Wyrm Slayer.
  • Limited copies of this item were also given away by links on the official Gauntlet Facebook page on February 3rd, 2015.
  • A real world inflatable toy version of this weapon was distributed to attendees of various game conventions in 2014 if they visited the Arrowhead Game Studios booth.

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