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Crypts of the Sun King
Attack Damage Effect
Collision 8 N/A
Values modified based on difficulty

Ghosts are among the weakest enemies in the game and have no form of attack aside from colliding with players to deal damage, eradicating themselves in the process. Although the damage dealt by a collision with a Ghost is minimal, Ghosts often appear in groups and can be very difficult to avoid if they become too numerous. In Slayer Edition, Ghosts will only appear if summoned by a bone pile or Lich.


A Shade summoned by the Necromancer

Shades are evil spirits and one of the four types of minions that can be summoned by the Necromancer's weapon, Eternal Night. Aside from being purple, they appear and behave very similarly to Ghosts. Shades are also faster and stronger than Ghosts and are allies to heroes instead of being enemies.

Realm Name
Crypts of the Sun King
Caverns of Mag'Ash
Burning Temple of Dur
The Gauntlet