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Charm[edit | edit source]

Monsters that have been charmed will fight for you but also take more damage from attacks. Keep in mind, monsters who are killed while charmed do not contribute to the Skull Coin meter. Larger monsters contribute the most to the Skull Coin meter when killed; on the other hand, they are more likely to live to fight for you the longest if charmed. Charmed monsters cannot be damaged by Necromancer's Skeleton Smash attack, nor are they susceptible to incineration.

There is a common misconception that monsters necessarily become weaker when charmed, when in reality, charmed enemies simply adopt difficulty modifiers of heroes in lieu of their usual difficulty modifiers for enemies. This does, in fact, makes them weaker as a matter of consequence but only in the higher difficulties as heroes are modified to take higher damage in these difficulties. In Easy, for example, charmed enemies actually become stronger while unchanged in Normal.

In Colosseum, players are not required to kill all enemies, but rather kill all enemies that are not charmed. In other words, if all alive enemies are charmed, the wave will be counted as completed.

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Chill[edit | edit source]

Chilled Monstrous Mummy

Chilling is an ice-base slowing effect and is less restrictive than being frozen. Unlike when frozen, a chilled subject will not have their mobility halted but rather reduced and will retain all of their abilities.

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Freeze[edit | edit source]

Frozen Monstrous Mummy

Being frozen deals no damage in and of itself, but it does render the subject immobile and therefore vulnerable to attack. Both heroes and monsters are susceptible to being frozen. If a hero is frozen, they can be freed if attacked by another hero. Attacking a frozen monster, however, will not free them prematurely.

Wizard is the only hero that can freeze monsters without the use of the Freeze Ring relic and may instead use Flash Freeze, though their effects are slightly different. Freeze Ring freezes monsters withing a certain radius and leaves enemies temporarily chilled when they are freed, while Flash Freeze will only freeze monsters in a given direction and has no such chilling effect.

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Incineration[edit | edit source]

Incinerated Monstrous Mummy

Incineration is caused by any fire-based attack and deals damage over multiple ticks for a short period of time. Only monsters can be affected by incineration.

Elf and Wizard are the only heroes that can cause incineration without the use of the Firetrail Boots relic.

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Poison[edit | edit source]

Poison deals damage over multiple ticks for a short period of time, during which the subject will also have their mobility reduced. Spider Spawns are the only monsters that are capable of inflicting poison, however, it can be caused by coming into contact with acid pools launched by poison-type Summoning Stones in Colosseum. Only heroes can be affected by poison.

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Slowness[edit | edit source]

Slowed Monstrous Mummy

Mobility is decreased. A purple whirl of wind will surround anyone—hero or monster—while they are affected by slowness. Aesthetics aside, it is extremely similar to the chill effect.

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