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Death Incarnate

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This article is about the enemy character. For death as a game play mechanic, see Death.

Death Incarnate.png
The Gauntlet
Attack Damage Effect
Touch 100 N/A
Values modified based on difficulty

Death Incarnate (also referred to as "Gorgoth" by Lilith the Necromancer, or simply "Death") cannot be harmed or defeated and will instantly kill any player that touches it (unless they are invisible, in which case they may safely pass through).

Typically, Death lies dormant for about 10 seconds then will appear from the ground and slowly chase players for about 15 seconds (the first 3 of these seconds are used to spawn and during this time Death poses no immediate threat). That said, it is important to note when Death has "fully" spawned. This will be denoted by a purple circle that surrounds it.

If Death kills any player or if all alive players go invisible simultaneously (but only after it has fully spawned), it will immediately return to its dormant state. If all alive players go invisible while Death is spawning but before it has completed the spawn, it will remain present (though harmless) for the duration of the invisibility, however, it will immediately roam the floor directly after.

When using the Dryad's Flute ability to ward off Death in a room, it is often advisable to wait until Death has fully spawned before playing its song for the same reason. Dryad's Flute essentially turns all players invisible and therefore follows the aforementioned rules for warding off Death with simultaneous invisibility.

Realm Name
Crypts of the Sun King
Caverns of Mag'Ash
Burning Temple of Dur
The Gauntlet
  • Death Incarnate